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Since commencing Yoga classes in Brisbane in 1997, Lee has studied, practiced and taught with many great Yoga masters. In 1999 she graduated as an Associate of the British School of International Yoga Teacher's Association (I.Y.T.A.) and in 2001 completed her Yoga teaching diploma with them. For over 11 years, Lee enjoyed her role as Student Liasion and Assessor for the Teacher Trainees completing the I.Y.T.A Teacher Training Course. Since 2008, Lee has taught private Yoga Therapy sessions to those students recovering from surgery, in remission from cancer and stressed business owners. In 2010, Lee studied the art of Laughter Yoga and recently became an Active After-School Communities (AASC) Coach, teaching Yoga to school children. As well as teaching regular Yoga classes for over 20 years, to adults, teenagers and children, pre-natal, post-natal and corporate Yoga, Lee has conducted workshops and retreats in both Brisbane and Toowoomba. The word "Yoga" means to join - the mind, body and spirit and Lee believes that everyone can benefit from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of Hatha Yoga.

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Lee (2nd from left) with Glenys, Michael Lee, Lesleigh Camm, Margo Hutchison

Lee with Kausthub Desikachar

Lee with Simon Borg-Olivier & Kate Pell

Lee with Mathew O'Malveney