Hatha Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union - the joining of our physical body, mind and spiritual consciousness. It is an ancient system of physical culture which is both scientific and philosophical, though not a religion.

Hatha for Ha (Sun) + Tha (Moon) Yoga is a union of opposing forces. The Sun or Ha Energy is practised in the Asanas or postures; whilst the Moon or Tha Energy is practised using the Mudras (Seals), Meditation Pranayama (Breathing techniques) and Relaxation. Hatha Yoga is a wonderful combination of these opposite energies which include gentle stretches to release tension, postures to align the body and enhance Energy flow, breathing techniques to further promote the energy flow of the body and relaxation to settle the nervous system and calm the mind.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Improves oxygenation of the blood, organs, purifying the blood and strengthening the body
  • Reduces stress and continues to do so with each session
  • Induces calmness, which helps in coping with problems and worries
  • Improves immune system function preventing illness or inducing recovery

Lee with students at the
Yoga with the Stars workshop

Julia, Sue and Ena practice triangle

Alan in headstand